A consultation will usually last an hour or so, during which time I will take a case history and assess the horse to establish a full picture of issues that can or will affect the saddle fit. If I feel your horse requires treatment, I can recommend a number of different equine therapists, that I refer to.

Before we look at your existing saddle, I will explain about the construction and fit of a saddle with the use of different saddle trees, which we will also try on the horse. This helps you to build a picture of how the saddle should fit and how and why a badly fitting saddle will affect the horse.

I will then look at your existing saddle and check it for soundness and symmetry off the horse before looking at it on the horse. I am able to make minor adjustments to your saddle on the premises but would need to take the saddle away if it requires a complete reflock or repair.

If your existing saddle does not fit or you simply need to purchase a saddle because you don’t have one, I can supply you with a new saddle made to measure for your horse, or source a second hand saddle for you or help you to find a suitable saddle for you and your horse. I don’t tend to come out with a range of saddles to try on initially as I prefer to see the horse and rider together so that I can find the best solution for a particular combination rather than miraculously having the ‘perfect’ saddle in my vehicle!

If you would like an honest, unbiased opinion on the fit of your saddle, without any pressure sales and with the welfare of the horse at the forefront, then please give me a call on 07710 278 992, or send me an email at amanda@thehorseschoice.co.uk and I will look forward to working with you.